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Solutions by Taylor LLC (SBT) is a Cincinnati, OH based company established in 2012 by Taylor Barker with the help of The Ohio Small Business Development Centers and Salmon P. Chase College of Law: Northern Kentucky University. SBT is a contract based consulting company that works on a per project basis in the areas of statistics, operations research, and customized software applications. SBT works with companies, non-profit organiziations, recruiting agencies, and individuals to provide timely accurate results fitting the needs of the client.

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About Taylor

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I have always been passionate about math and problem solving...

St. Xavier H.S.

In high school I was a prominent member of the Math Team: 1 of 10 students to represent Ohio in the American Regions Mathematics League; First sophomore in St. Xavier High School history to score higher than 100 on the AHSME and thus qualify for the AIME; Perfect scores on the Math sections of both ACT and SAT.

University of Cincinnati

In college, I was able to complete Calculus IV by the end of freshman year. For most of the remainder of college I was taking graduate level mathematics and statistics to attain enough credits for my undergraduate degree. During that time I received the Comer-Reynolds (Memorial) Award, passed Actuarial Exam 1, and represented the University of Cincinnati in the Putnam Competition with great success.

Ohio National Financial Services

When I entered the professional world, I started as an Actuarial Analyst and Computer Programmer for a Cincinnati based Life Insurance company. Here I learned much about Object-Oriented Programming and data management as well as attaining credits for Actuarial Exams 2 & 3.

Ohio Casualty

Then I switched to Property & Casualty Insurance, where I increased my programming skills, learned about Predictive Modeling, and passed Actuarial Exam 4. While being an Actuarial Analyst and Programmer is a solid career choice, it did not quite satisfy me.

UC College of Business

After some research, I discovered Quantitative Analysis and Operations Research and pursued a Master's Degree in such from the University of Cincinnati College of Business.

Integral Analytics

Upon completion of the degree I switched into the Energy/Utilities industry and worked for Integral Analytics (IA) as a contractor for Duke Energy's marketing department. Here I was able to put my degree into practice, learn about the Energy Industry, gain a new perspective on marketing, and build upon my software knowledge.

Solutions by Taylor

At the end of the contract, and with the guidance of IA, I decided to set out on my own, while maintaining a subcontracting relationship with IA. Finally, I started Solutions by Taylor LLC where I am able to stay current in analytic and software advances while taking on new and exciting projects!

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